Signage for Healthcare Facilities

The important relationship between patients and healthcare organizations begins with the signs used on their property and throughout their facility. The challenge is to create a welcoming environment that will guide, inform, and reduce anxiety from the very first moment they step into your facility. YESCO has the unique capabilities and expertise in the industry to determine the ideal approach for creating signs that help healthcare organizations improve the experiences of patients and guests.

Importance Of Signs For Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare signage can help people navigate through sprawling medical campuses and assist visitors to find the quickest route to their destination. Soothing colors, easy-to-read fonts, high-resolution digital screens and video walls make the patient and visitor experience more comfortable and relaxing while you share information to make the time they spend at your healthcare facility more enjoyable.

Your signs can create a great first impression by efficiently guiding patients throughout the facility. Your sign needs may run the gamut from exterior digital monument signage and illuminated directional signs to banners or ADA-compliant, audio-enabled interior signs.  Every engagement is  an opportunity to show your patients and guests that you put their needs first and foremost. YESCO helps you do it.

Indoor Healthcare Signs

YESCO sign experts can help you choose the most effective design and materials for the signs you deploy to make your hospital, healthcare facility, or care center a comfortable and welcome place for your patients and guests. A well-placed digital sign can help alleviate visitor stress caused by paperwork, crowds, wait times, etc... It gives you an avenue for displaying positive messages to your guests with more regularity. Give your facility a welcoming atmosphere that instantly conveys your brand and level of commitment to patient care with clean, crisp and brightly lit signage. Create a great first impression that shows the human side of your business.  Whether you want a time-honored classical look or something a little more fun and entertaining, YESCO can give your lobby signs, reception signs, wayfinding signs and wall signs the look you want.

Indoor Healthcare Wayfinding Signs

YESCO wayfinding healthcare sign solutions reduce frustrations that can happen when your patients and guests are trying to find their way in your facility. Make it easy for guests to identify and understand how to navigate your lobby and hallways, find restrooms, interpret directories, see ADA signs and locate the right elevator.Anticipate their needs.

The choices you make for wayfinding signage can reinforce your uniqueness and make every experience and engagement with visitors an opportunity to reveal what makes you different from your competitors. YESCO’s creative teams incorporate design with function so navigation is easy, intuitive and even interactive.

Indoor Healthcare LED Signs

YESCO’s LED digital sign solutions help  you display important information to patients and visitors.   It is much easier to display information relevant and up-to-date with digital signage content platforms. They can be used to update patients on wait times, serve as interactive maps, broadcast important information and show television programming that helps people in waiting rooms pass time. Self-service kiosks can reduce patient check-in times and increase the distribution of information across caregiver networks. YESCO offers support and services to customize your LED signs so your messaging stands out bright and brilliant.

Exterior Hospitality Architectural Signage

YESCO’s creative teams find ways to use unique architectural elements of your property to design, engineer and  incorporate exterior hospitality signs customized for your specific needs. We can utilize a variety of applications, including neon, front or back-lit channel lettering, 3D backlit, LED, or lightbox cabinets. We seek to make your signs easy to see,so  information is conveyed quickly and effectively.  We work with you to find wayfinding solutions that enhance patient and guest experiences by helping them locate buildings. YESCO solutions incorporate the finest materials, manufacturing techniques and installation expertise to  make your exterior hospitality signage stand out. Contact YESCO today to find out how.