YESCO Teamwork for the Win
Two identical 135′ pylons with 50′ tall LED displays for the Banc of California Stadium had to be fabricated and installed simultaneously on an expedited schedule. And so, we went to work. One was built in Salt Lake City and the other in Phoenix. One of the displays was installed by our installers from the Los Angeles region and the other by our Las Vegas crew.
Great show of YESCO’s teamwork and deployment of assets.
Remember the Granite Furniture Roto-shpere?
Do you recognize this iconic sign?   The sign has been retrofitted and now identifies the 2121 McClelland Street development in Sugar House, Utah.   Sugar House has recently sprouted into one of the most offbeat, colorful enclaves in the valley.
Egyptian Theatre Restoration
YESCO is on site installing the Egyptian Theatre blade sign. The historic theatre located in Ogden, Utah has been restored to its historical beauty. A lighting celebration will be held Thursday, July 25, 2019.
The Today Show Features YESCO
24-year-old Braden Sharp took his dating efforts to another level with the help of Blip and a YESCO billboard. To his surprise, Braden attracted more than a few potential dating prospects. He reported 40,000 visits to his website and around 700 emails. His billboard was also featured on the Today Show, CNN, as well as local news outlets.
Latest and Greatest Electronic Signs by YESCO
A short video to highlight some of our most impressive projects.
Larry Cohen Named to Salt Lake City Arts Council
Larry Cohen, YESCO Salt Lake design director, has been appointed to the Salt Lake City Arts Council for a three-year term. "I look forward to learning as much as I can and being a part of the arts community in Salt Lake," said Larry.
Larry is passionate about his work and embodies the principles of the YESCO Triangle -- Mission, Cooperation and Accountability. "For over 13 years Larry has gone the extra mile at YESCO in producing wonderful sign designs with outstanding efficiency. The Arts Council will be enhanced by his talent and passion," said Brian Brown, YESCO Salt Lake sales manager.
This is a prestigious designation and we are proud the Arts Council and citizens of Salt Lake City will now be able to celebrate Larry's talents along with his co-workers and customers.
Palms Las Vegas Building Screen
Alien Fresh Jerky Custom Sign
American Eagle Full Building Screen
A ‘sign’ of the times Wirth Watching report
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Most people can describe one or two unique neon store signs, or maybe you remember the mechanical sign that rocked back and forth.