YESCO Designs & Fabricates Signage at the Roebbelen Center at the Grounds in Roseville, California

YESCO announced the design, fabrication and installation of new vinyl lettering and logos and flat cut out (FCO) lettering at Roebbelen Center At The Grounds in Roseville, California.

The project included one set of vinyl lettering adhered to the rooftop and one set of FCO lettering bolted to the side of the Roebbelen Center.


  • 12. 5 days to design and fabricate, and 24 days to install.
  • 200 man-hours to design and fabricate the signage and 576 man-hours to install the signage.
  • Rooftop vinyl is 325-feet wide 78.5-feet tall. The lettering on the side of the building are 17-feet tall by104-feet long.
  • This project represents the largest installation performed by YESCO in Sacramento.
  • 15,000 square feet of vinyl was used for this project.

“We are a proud partner of the Roebbelen Center at The Grounds and happy to be part of this project,” said Scott Zufelt, senior account manager, YESCO. “We’re grateful for the opportunity, and our client is extremely happy with the results.”