Dwan Young Named World’s Oldest Female Water-Skier

Making waves: 92-year-old Utah woman named world's oldest female water-skier. Dwan Young started skiing when her family bought a cabin on Bear Lake in 1961.

A 92-year-old Utah woman has broken the world record for being the oldest known female water-skier. Dwan is a board member and matriarch of YESCO.

Guinness World Records announced Thursday that Dwan Young "is officially the world’s oldest water-skier."

The "adventure-loving" grandmother started skiing when her family bought a cabin on Bear Lake in 1961. The sport's popularity at the lake, located on the Utah-Idaho border about 100 miles northeast of Salt Lake City, inspired Young to try it when she was 29.

"Waterskiing taught me that when you have a goal, do not give up," the record-holder told Guinness. "Just keep trying."

Once Young mastered waterskiing on two skis, she set out to learn how to slalom ski, which involves using one ski and navigating around a set of buoys.

After a lot of effort and numerous failures, Young finally got up onto the single ski. She says it's her favorite water-skiing memory.

Young now starts out on two skis, then drops one after she gets going to save energy, according to Guinness.

She told Guinness that she enjoys skiing when the water is smooth and hasn't lost any amount of love for the sport over the years

"In the water, I feel excited,” she said.

Family tradition

Every year, Young and her family return to the Bear Lake. Her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren all water ski with her. Her grandchildren are her coaches and cheerleaders, according to Guinness.

This year for Christmas, one of Young's granddaughters presented her with an extra special gift: the framed Guinness World Records certificate declaring her to be the world's oldest female water-skier.

Young thought it was a joke at first.

"I still cannot believe it," she said. "What a surprise and what an honor.”

Dwan Young's advice for the rest of us?

Young told Guinness that her goal is to stay healthy so she can waterski again this summer.

“I am very fortunate to have good health, which allows me to enjoy life to its fullest,” she said.

And her advice for those younger than her who have never tried waterskiing?

“Do not be afraid to try a new sport when you are older,” she said. “You are more capable than you think.”

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