YESCO Designs, Fabricates and Installs Signs in the West Chandler Employment Corridor

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YESCO announces the design, fabrication and installation of new West Chandler Employment Corridor signage in Chandler, Arizona to help strengthen the area’s image and sense of place.

YESCO installed nine monument signs at each major intersection along Chandler Boulevard and Ray Road between McClintock Drive and 56th Street.

The City of Chandler will bring its “Feel Good Friday” promotion to West Chandler this holiday season and will visit area businesses and reward shoppers with gift cards to thank them for choosing Chandler.


  • Nine monument signs were installed, each weighing approximately 2,300 pounds.
  • Each monument sign measures 15 feet tall.
  • It took YESCO 1,025 man-hours to design, fabricate the install the signs.
  • The West Chandler employment corridor encompasses approximately seven square miles with more than 630 businesses employing 29,000 workers.
  • With nearly six miles of frontage along Interstate 10 and Loop 202, West Chandler is seen my hundreds of thousands of commuters each day.

“We are excited to install these signs for the City of Chandler,” said Kelly G. Chipman, senior account executive, YESCO. “These monuments will celebrate West Chandler’s robust economic landscape for years to come.” “Our goal is to enhance the West Chandler employment corridor’s sense of place through this project,” said Michael Winer, Economic Development Specialist at the City of Chandler. “Working with YESCO, we were able to come up with a sign design that stands out, is on brand for our city, and includes a high-tech theme that represents the industry base in West Chandler.”