YESCO Constructs Adverb Wall at Stanford



YESCO Constructs Adverb Wall Art Installation Piece at Stanford
Graduate School of Business Knight Management Center

Fulfills artist Peter Wegner’s vision of ‘Monument to Change as a Verb’


March 5, 2012 — In collaboration with artist Peter Wegner YESCO has completed a permanent installation at the Stanford Graduate School of Business Knight Management Center. Titled Monument to Change as a Verb, this 14 foot X 18 foot piece features 308 adverbs that light up in specific sequence and groupings choreographed by the artist and is intended to enhance the student and visitor experience through interaction with the dynamic, intellectually engaging work of art.


Suspended on the wall of a busy exterior pedestrian corridor, the highly reflective surface allows viewers and passers-by to see themselves and the surroundings within the piece as it performs. Language is used in the work to invite participation in, and consideration of, the process of change, how we approach it, and the seemingly endless ways change can be achieved. Wegner describes it as, “A piece that is not about what we do but rather how we do it.” The artist’s vision for the piece was funded in part by Phil Knight, Founder of Nike, the Stanford Graduate School of Business alumnus for whom the Management Center is named.


The finished piece employs clean surfaces and lighted animation to present the lower case adverbs directly and simply. Constructed from precision cut aluminum, the feature’s outer skin is formed of laminated glass panels. An intricate and highly custom internal box grid system incorporates carefully positioned white LED lights, enabling each adverb to be illuminated individually, or in concert with other words.


“We enjoyed this opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Wegner and transform his vision into a finished piece. Our team adapted positively throughout the design and installation process to overcome the challenges that were presented,” said Mitch Olorenshaw of YESCO, adding, “This project was very rewarding.”


YESCO’s intuitive lighting control system facilitates over 80 distinctly programmed illuminated scenes and sequences that continuously synchronize adverbs to create graphic patterns and graceful motions that range from stoic to whimsical. Random sequencing of the programmed segments ensures that anyone who encounters the feature at the same time each day will always be presented with a different content display.